2022 My Campaign Statement on Ukraine – Russia Conflict

The climate catastrophe rapidly approaching the world requires a WWII like 100% response that must involve all nations especially China & Russia. There is no sanity in creating any kind of conflict with two smaller but still military powerful nations if civilization and the world are to be saved!

The U.S. first started this war with its sponsored 2014 coup and with its promotion of Ukraine attacks on Eastern Ukraine along Russia’s border! The U.S. was eventually able to force Russia into an actual invasion of Ukraine!  

With the breakup of the Soviet Union, it was agreed that Russia would fully support the reunification of Germany while the U.S. and NATO agreed not to expand NATO into the newly formed nations of the Soviet Union breakup! In fact, Russia looked forward to becoming a full partner in European society and economy! But the military-industrial complex controlling the U.S. government would have nothing of that as it saw massive profits in selling western military equipment to the newly formed NATO nations. Despite strong but peaceful complaints from Russia, NATO has gradually expanded over the years to the very borders of Russia. Then the U.S. and NATO set their sights on Ukraine. All one has to do is look at the geography of Ukraine and see that it is like a dagger into the heart of Russia. Ukraine has been the redline for Russia and its security for many years!

Then the U.S. sponsored and promoted a violent coup in 2014 to overthrow the elected president and government of Ukraine.  This was because the elected Ukraine government did not want to abandon trade & association with Russian instead of joining the U.S./NATO economic system. Rather than allow elections to determine the internal affairs of Ukraine, the U.S. chose the “coup” weapon as it has done repeatedly in other nations! I was surprised at the Russian restraint when they did not come to the aid of the Ukraine government during the coup! They didn’t make that strategic mistake with Syria.

Immediately after the coup, Crimea voted overwhelming to join Russia while the eastern Dombas declared its own autonomy.  For nearly 8 years Ukraine was encouraged to wage a war against the Dombas even ignoring A Minsk Peace agreement.  The current President and former comedian Zelenskyy was overwhelmingly elected because he promised to bring peace, but quickly he capitulated to the heavily infiltrated neo-Nazi military units near Dombas and the fighting continued!

The U.S. and NATO’s continued militarization involvement in Ukraine was clearly crossing a red line for Russia as to its own national security. Russia tried to negotiate a satisfactory settlement for months. Russian demands were reasonable and in the spirit of real peace. No NATO membership, accept a NATO free militarization of Ukraine, stop harassing people of Crimea and Dombas!

Since the 2014 coup the U.S. has openly promoted military attacks on the Dombas and harassment of Russian Crimea. As the U.S. planned all along, finally Russia could not wait any longer and was forced to invade Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion the U.S. has viewed Ukraine as a proxy war to weaken Russia.  The U.S. has encouraged the Ukraine leadership to fight Russia to the last Ukraine by supplying more and more lethal weapons.  

To further weaken Russia, the U.S. has used the war to sanction and isolate Russia from Europe.  However, China and much of the rest of the world has not gone along with U.S. sanctions and support of the Ukraine in its war efforts.  

Much of the world, of course, has rallied to help the innocent war-ravaged Ukrainian people and demanded negotiations and peace settlements to end the war.  Ukraine will never be the same! The U.S. has shown no interest in a peaceful conclusion to a war it intentionally set in motion! U.S. government response has been to escalate the destructiveness of the weapons it is sending to Ukraine forcing Russia to escalate its military offense in response!  

U.S. policy seems to be willing to risk possible nuclear war and the end of all civilization rather than have any peace deal and end to the war!   I am afraid the best result now will probably be a total split of Ukraine into two regions and perhaps an annexation of Eastern Ukraine into Russia. Look for the end result to be a massive military buildup on both sides of the new borders.

This never had to happen! As Martin Luther King said before his assassination, the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world! It has only become worse!


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