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SHUT DOWN CREECH, Fall Action October 15-22 (Saturday to Saturday)

SHUT DOWN CREECH, Fall Action October 15-22  (Saturday to Saturday) Co-sponsored by CODEPINK & Veterans For Peace Remembering the Ahmadi Family, killed by U.S. drone, August 2021       (Spring 2022, Nonviolent Resistance)   Photo by Michael Kerr Join our 13 year campaign … Continue reading

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Sources & Organizations Green Party Platform Fair Matthew Hoh – North Carolina Senate Candidate Stop Urban Sheild World Beyond War Specific Information Fliers & Fact Sheets -WBW Mapping Militarism – WBW No military jets over San Francisco – revoke air … Continue reading

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Military Divestment

Sources & Organizations Code Pink Specific Information Webinars- CP . Specific Issues Index from Creating Better World

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We are in a Democracy Destroying Crisis! 2021-03-04

We are in a Democracy Destroying Crisis! President Biden! Republicans are busy doing everything they can to end Democracy and turn this country into a Trump led dictatorship!   Democrats desperately needed to pass $15 Minimum Wage, but you took it … Continue reading

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Military Defense Budget

Our defense budget has increased out of all proportion to any military threat to the United States, and to our domestic social, economic and environmental needs. The United States government must reduce our defense budget to half of its current … Continue reading

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