Wavy Gravy

Wavy was at several Nuremberg Action rallies. He donated his full size bus for 24/7 activists to use over that first winter especially before there was a Peace House. Greg Getty kept the bus maintained. The bus made it possible for the action to survive in a some what humane condition then, MEK Comments

Wavy Gravy – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wavy_Gravy

Wavy Gravy – Bing https://www.bing.com/search?q=wavy+gravy+wikipedia&form=ANNTH1&refig=f08eb72b8ce54426b187052799f6badd&sp=2&qs=SC&pq=wavy+gravie&sk=PRES1SC1&sc=8-11&cvid=f08eb72b8ce54426b187052799f6badd

About mekorganic

I have been a Peace and Social Justice Advocate most all of my adult life. In 2022, I am again running for U.S. Congress in CA under the Green Party. This Blog and website are meant to be a progressive educational site, an alternative to corporate media and the two dominate political parties. Your comments and participation are most appreciated. (Click photo) .............................................. Paid for by Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace and Justice C00803577
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