Diane Poole

Diane was a member of the 24/7 activists at the Tracks. 

Starting in late March 1988, Diane, Mark Coplan and Michael Kerr created a three-person intentional community at the tracks to guarantee food and a 24/7 presence at the Tracks.  It was a rotating system where one-person prepared breakfast at the Peace House & delivered it to the Track community.  They then took the dirty dishes back to Peace House to clean.  That person would then made sure the Peace House was occupied & cleaned.  Later they would prepare dinner, often comprising of bread, juice and a large pot of hot vegetarian soup.  After they delivered dinner to the tracks which often fed 10-20 people.  That person would then guarantee that they would occupy the vigil site at the tracks over night and until dinner time the next day.   Meanwhile another person took dinner dishes back to Peace House to clean.  They would spend the night at Peace House and prepare breakfast for the next morning.  Don’t dare forgot coffee!  With this rotation system, each of us had a free day of responsibility every 3 days.  It was hard  to get anyone else to take on this responsibility.   The system started to breakdown when Mark moved to Nicaragua, then Diane went to jail and eventually Michael went on the Caravan to El Salvador in late March 1989.  MEK Comment

Diane wrote an article titled “Life at the Tracks” in the October 1988 Newsletter  https://www.keepandshare.com/doc29/110323/btl-1988-10-pdf-812k

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