Pamela Osgood

+*2014-09-04 U.S. Government Unexpectedly Dismisses All Charges Against Beale Anti-Drone Protesters  Beale officers promptly detained the 11, who included internationally recognized peace activist Kathy Kelly; The Reverend Dr. Gerald O. (Jerry) Pedersen, retired Lutheran pastor and member of Veterans for Peace, from Sacramento; The Reverend Elizabeth Griswold, pastor of Parkside Community Church, United Church of Christ in Sacramento; The Reverend John Auer, retired United Methodist Pastor from Fresno, California; The Reverend Sharon Delgado, retired United Methodist pastor and Executive Director of Earth Justice Ministries from Nevada City; Michael Kerr, a Veteran for Peace from Bay Point/Pittsburg; Rodger Stall from San Rafael; Arthur (Buff) Whitman-Bradley from the Bay Area; Nancy Reiner from the Bay Area; Bob Russell from Pleasant Hill and Pamela Osgood from Grass Valley. Participants carried white crosses with artistic renderings of children killed by US drones.

2017-03-03 Drone Protesters Arrested on Tuesday  Today’s Arrestees:  Flora Rogers, Mike Rufo, Pamela Osgood, and Toby Blomé Yesterday’s Arrestees:  Sharon Delgado and Shirley Osgood   Over 40 copies of this letter was distributed to base personnel, including Commander.

2014-09-30   11 Arrested During Beale AFB Drone Protests  On Tuesday, September 30, at 7 a.m., several demonstrators gathered in a circle and began singing and dancing in front of Beale’s Main Gate. They explained that the dances were “Dances of Universal Peace,” taken from many different faith traditions, and that their purpose in dancing was to “demonstrate peace.”

Nine people were arrested while dancing, including Barry Binks, a veteran from Sacramento; Shirley Osgood from Grass Valley; Pamela Osgood from Grass Valley; Andrew Hayes, a veteran from Grass Valley; Flora Rodgers from Marysville; Lorraine Reich from Nevada City; MacGregor Eddy from Monterey; Toby Blome from the Bay Area, and Sharon Delgado, a United Methodist minister from Nevada City.

Anti-drone demonstrators have kept up a regular presence at Beale Air Force Base over the past three years. Over fifty arrests for civil disobedience have been made; eight people have been convicted in U.S. Federal Court. Thirty-one arrests were made in March and April of 2014 alone. Sixteen of the demonstrators were summoned to be arraigned on September 9, but at the last minute all charges were dismissed. 

2015-12-16 Nevada County peace activists arrested at Beale  Those arrested included people from Grass Valley, Nevada City and Camptonville, including Pamela Osgood, Shirley Osgood, Sharon Delgado, Susan Pelican and Jane Kesselman.

+*2014-04-20 Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested Outside US Air Force Base  Meanwhile, in California, the names of those arrested for protesting outside Beale Air Force Base were released as follows: Rev. Gerald Pedersen, 88; Rev. Elizabeth Griswold, 35; Rev. John Auer, 70; Rev. Sharon Delgado, 65; Kathy Kelly, 61; Michael Kerr, 65; Rodger Stall; Arthur Whitman-Bradley, 70; Nancy Reiner; Bob Russell; and Pamela Osgood, 68.

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I have been a Peace and Social Justice Advocate most all of my adult life. In 2022, I am again running for U.S. Congress in CA under the Green Party. This Blog and website are meant to be a progressive educational site, an alternative to corporate media and the two dominate political parties. Your comments and participation are most appreciated. (Click photo) .............................................. Paid for by Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace and Justice C00803577
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