Larry Harper

Larry was arrested in November 1990 at the CNWS.

Larry was arrested at the CNWS during the December-January 1991 period.

2016-03-20 Activists march in Santa Rosa, urge help for homeless  Participants weren’t fazed by the rain and steady drizzle during the march Sunday.  “Homeless are out in this rain all the time,” said Larry Harper of Sebastopol, a retired woodworker and volunteer at the Peace and Justice Center.  “The cost of housing in Sonoma County is prohibitive,” he said. “I have friends with jobs who can’t afford housing.”

2014-10-26 Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County celebrating 30 years  Among the early leaders of the Peace and Justice Center were many of the Who’s Who of pacifism and left-of-center activism in the county: Adrienne and Len Swenson, Lucy Forest, Barry Latham-Ponneck, Earl Herr, Shirley and David Thatcher, Shirley McGovern, Tanya Brannan, Russ and Mary Jorgensen, Eszter Freeman and Larry Harper.

Peace Press Sonoma County  EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE

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