Greg Getty

Greg was arrested 3 times in November 1990.

Greg sued the CIA for mental stress and his case went all the way to Supreme Court where he lost?

Greg wrote an article “The relative Legality of Murder” in the December 1990 NA Newsletter.

Nuremberg Actions at Concord 1987-88 With Greg—Mr. Getty it went on and on and on, and as you saw at the conclusion all they had to do was pick him up and carry him off. He was not fighting back. We are committed to the principles of nonviolence, and I would also like to submit in evidence the Covenant of Nonviolence -Nuremberg Actions Concord.

2007-08-31   Nuremberg Actions’ Brian Willson celebrates 20 years of resistance

1997-06-10 Tending the Flame /Weapons protesters in Concord have faded to a faithful few[MEK1]


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2 Responses to Greg Getty

  1. Counter-recruitment Notice: If taking part in US war crimes has not already damaged your mental health you may wish to avoid the vehicular assaults and false arrests such as these that we who are already damaged find cathartic (and prevailed over in federal court). Hit by weapons shipment on 3-17-03…and 8-6-02 false arrest at Nuremberg Actions vigil site


  2. Once Upon the Abolition 2000 forum at Laney College then Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown said “No.” when I asked “Did you read Jim’s Wilcott’s story?” (‘The JFK Assassination, a CIA insider’s view’…handed to him at a We The People forum on CIA drug running)…but then he said “Yes.”…after a glance at Maylie Scott I was standing with…when I asked if he knew of Jim…’JFK Assassination: A CIA insider’s view’ by Jim Wilcott
    “The Kennedy assassination came as no great shock to most of the people at Tokyo Station in Japan, a class A Station of the CIA. It seemed a logical culmination of the steadily building anguish and discontent over the Bay of Pigs fiasco and ‘commie sell out’ of the Kennedy Administration that was the prevailing sentiment…CIA people killed Kennedy. Either it was an outright project of Headquarters with the approval of McCone or it was done outside, perhaps under the direction of Dulles and Bissell. It was done in retaliation to Kennedy’s reneging on a secret agreement with Dulles to support the invasion of Cuba. The other political factors previously mentioned were also issues, but the breaking of the secret agreement was the principal point. It was believed that unless Cuba was seized by military force all of Latin America would eventually go communist and the US would fall to the communists soon after. Elaborate preparations had been made to firmly put the blame on Castro, and an immediate attack on Cuba would follow. But something had gone wrong. The attack was called off at the last moment…After one discussion we had, it seemed quite likely that the original assassination project may have been to kill Kennedy and blame it on Oswald, who would be solidly linked to Castro as a pretext for another invasion attempt or build up.”…

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