Chuck Goodmacher

Photo of Chuck, Chris, Victor, Shannah, Sanderson, Jose

1987-05-24 Mt Diablo Peace Center Letter to Concord Police file:///C:/Users/mekor/Downloads/Letter%20to%20Concord%20police%20May%2021,%201987.pdf

1987-06-00 Peace Gazette Mt. Diablo Peace Center action to support Nuremberg Actionsfile:///C:/Users/mekor/Downloads/mt.%20Diablo%20Peace%20Center%20action%20to%20support%20Nuremberg%20Actions.pdf

1987-09-02 Train Hits, Severely Injures Protester at Navy Base   “Several vigilers were on the tracks. The train didn’t even slow. It literally ran right over them. It didn’t stop until it had completely cleared the area,” said Chuck Goodmacher, a coordinator of the protest from Mount Diablo Peace Center.  “Military authorities were notified last week, a week ago, that people were going to be on the tracks blocking it.”  Protesters also told an officer at the base of their intent to block the train Tuesday, he said.    

1987-10-25 Why Demonstrators are Protesting at the Tracks by Chuck Goodmacher –  CCTimes file:///C:/Users/mekor/Downloads/Op%20ed%20Goodmacher%20on%20Why%20Demonstrators%20….pdf

1988-03-12 Nuremberg Pledge – signed by Charles (Chuck) Goodmacherfile:///C:/Users/mekor/Downloads/nuremberg%20pledge%20-%20signed%20by%20Charles%20(Chuck)%20Goodmacher.pdf

1988-03-24 Nuremberg Actions Concord Press Release  – Defendants in “Concord 33” Case File Writ  file:///C:/Users/mekor/Downloads/concord%2033%20trial.pdf 

Nuremberg Actions at Concord 1987-88 When I visited the Walnut Creek Peace Center on my tour in May 1987, Chuck Goodmacher told me that they were planning Nuremberg Actions to block the trains at Concord that were taking weapons to Central America.

Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center Vision and Mission  The Center moved its offices several times over the years, eventually settling into its current location at the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, where it rents office space. Through those years it benefitted from the executive directorships of Andy Baltzo, Gary Dobson, Chuck Goodmacher, Carol “Bhavia” Wagner, Jeanelyse Doran, Mary Alice O’Connor, Crystallee Crain and its current director, Margli Auclair.

1989-01-23 Attorney Request for Chuck Goodmacher Disposition transcript 

1989-07-25 Navy request for Chuck Goodmacher Disposition re Willson et al v Banta et al  

2009-06-03 Walnut Creek peace center founder Baltzo dies at 89  No matter how small the donation, Andy Baltzo always wrote a note of thanks to those who supported the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center. He always wrote it by hand, with a first draft in pencil, and he underlined the word “thanks.”

“Every single letter was so genuine,” said former Walnut Creek center director Charles Goodmacher of his friend Baltzo, who died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. “Those little notes were the perfect expressions of him. In the end, it may not have been good time-management, but it was very effective. I came to understand that people wanted that contact.”

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