Bob Lassalle-Klein

Bob, representing the Franciscan Affinity group, was part of the initial group which started the Nuremberg Actions at the CNWS

Oakland Catholic Worker Staff

Bob is the board chair and a member of the fundraising committee. He helped found the third incarnation of the Oakland Catholic Worker in early 1987, and recently served as it’s interim director..  Bob has the good fortune to be married to Lynn Lassalle-Klein, and they consider themselves lucky to be the parents of Kate, Rose, and Peter.  Bob is professor of Religious Studies at Holy Names University and recently published Blood and Ink: Ignacio Ellacuría, Jon Sobrino, and the Jesuit Martyrs of the University of Central America (Orbis 2014). Current projects include The Spiritual Writings of Jon Sobrino, S.J., (Orbis) and Jesus the Immigrant: Contextual Christology and the Signs of the Times, based on what he has learned from 30 years with Latin American migrants in and around the OCW!

Robert Lassalle-Klein – Professor of Religious Studies

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Robert Anthony Lassalle-Klein – Books  Robert Lassalle-Klein is Professor of Religious Studies at Holy Names University and is a co-founder of the Oakland Catholic Worker. He has taught at the Jesuit School of Theology, DePaul University, Santa Clara University, and Universitat Ramon Llul in Barcelona. He has written on migration, spirituality, Jesus Christ, Jon Sobrino, Ignacio Ellacuria, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Latin America, liberation theology and the option for the poor, Virgilio Elizondo and U.S. Latinx theologies, and Jesus the migrant.

The Global Migration  Megatrend:  Blessing or Curse?

2019-05-07 Diocese Prepares to Ordain Three Men to the Permanent Diaconate

2012-09-06 BLOOD ON THE TRACKS: BRIAN WILLSON DANCES IN RESISTANCE TO THE WEAPONS OF MASS MURDER  Bob Lassalle-Klein, currently a professor of religious studies at Holy Names University in Oakland, was present at the Concord tracks on September 1, 1987. He addressed part of his remarks to Brian’s son, Gabriel, who as a very young boy, witnessed the full horror of his stepfather being mangled under the train wheels. ‘You killed my father’  A radio reporter had taped the entire tragedy, and recorded the horrified voice of young Gabriel telling the naval station’s personnel: “You murderers! You killed my father! You killed my father!”

Speaking to the now-grown Gabriel at the 25th anniversary, Lassalle said, “I will never forget Brian’s foot completely detached with the bone sticking out of it, sitting there on the track.

“Most of all I want to say, Gabriel, how deeply moved I am that you are here today, because I will never forget you running away from Brian’s body screaming, ‘They just killed my father.’ The pain you felt that day has to mark your life. I want to say, though, that the willingness to accept that pain … has touched many people around the world.”

Lassalle described how the story of Willson’s suffering for the cause of peace has traveled to many other countries and has inspired people thousands of miles away. Two years ago, Lassalle traveled to Argentina with other faith-based activists. In discussing the redemptive power of peacemaking, he described Willson’s self-sacrifice to people in Argentina who had never before heard about it.

Lassalle said, “I showed them the clip of Brian being run over by the train. I was so moved by the reaction of the crowd there because they had never heard the story and they couldn’t believe that someone from the United States would do something like this. And the depth of response I received to the story of what had happened showed me again that pain has a power of its own, particularly when it’s pain taken on for love.”


Blood and Ink by Bob Lassalle

Guest Editorial/Introduction

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